Poetry Box

Get an original poem printed on a beautiful postcard coupled with an organic tea and some chocolate to enjoy while you read. Mailed monthly to your home – or to a friend or loved one.

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“From the beauty and calm of the tea ceremony, to the upheaval launched by the Boston Tea Party, tea has literally changed the course of history. With such a grand past, it is hard to believe that nowadays tea is often drunk on the run, with a tea bag unceremoniously thrown in a plastic cup filled with hot water.

The Naked Leaf reintroduces tea as it was meant to be – all natural and unhurried.”

ShawZ Chocolate is the world’s premier supplier of oatmilk chocolate. Dairy free, allergy friendly, smooth, creamy chocolate; every bar meticulously handcrafted using fair trade, organic and non-GMO ingredients.”

(Currently only available in Canada)

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