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Poem on picture of fire escape:

No Magic, by Nathan Waddell

There's no magic in the world; I say this to you with grief
I wish it were otherwise but at best there is optical illusion
A magician uses diversion to turn the mundane into wonder
Which, I suppose, is a kind of magic, but Truth Absolute,
a heartless sovereign, takes wonder and gives back a machine
And maybe the whole world is merely a machine without a ghost
in it anywhere, and even if you search the ends of the Earth
you will find that anyone who says different is labouring under
an optional illusion, and it's tempting to call this Truth Dissolute
That takes a machine and gives back only broken pieces
But I have found what I consider to be, forgive my boldness, a gift
which I offer in the hope it gives comfort and a way forward-
It is an optimal illusion, which is a nice way of saying, a useful lie
To choose magic anyway, to seek it, to believe a Truth Resolute
which fixes broken things as easily as if they were machines

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