Immense – by Jennifer Mariani

I am oozing, spreading outwards. I fill the crevices of places that once made me uncomfortable. I expand and echo; no longer silent. I am unhushed – loud- the voice my mother never had. I am vivid, plum and persimmon, seeping into the cracks of confinement; staining the walls you built to contain me. I […]

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Teatime – by Lindsey Harrington

Hazel rocks herself up from the chair, launching herself on the count of three: “one, two, threeeee,” she grunts. Once she gets her balance, she shuffles to the kitchen to flick on the kettle. Her daughter, Kelly, bought the newfangled electric kettle in April, right after Hazel’s stovetop model boiled dry. She’d been snoozing in […]

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Maddy – by JP Lorence

‘Maddy’ is a short story intended as an adaptation of the Greek tragedy ‘Medea’ by Euripides. The primary characters and plot line have been preserved while translating the setting and time period into modern terms. The household is now an early 1990’s-era Midwestern American trailer park. The main character, Maddy, is a part-time biology student […]

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Collectibles – by Robert Moore

  Human Resources had summoned me by email, my team having missed its quota, when Angie called.  She was crying on her cell phone and her voice was muffled.  Then the signal burst through in painful clarity.  “Karen?  Dad’s dead!” “Are you sure?” I asked her, a stupid question.  “What happened?”  I loitered by a […]

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