Want – by Oskar Westin

I can’t relate. I’m a white man, and she is a Pakistani firecracker—a nutcase; her words, not mine.

But I want to connect; find familiar ground. Her spirit stirs in me. I want to fight against injustice, but I am complacent.

And she wants me too. To reduce the chasm between us, reduce the void and find new meaning.

What could become of us? A broken child and a 30-year-old father of two girls.

What do I want?

To know this girl? No. This woman with timeless experience fighting against immigration to land in this country despite the racism and sexism, the discrimination found at the base of our national fortitude.

What do I want?

Her strength? No. This woman will make me hollow —my shell is viscous— From jello to sludge. I am weak and welcome penetration.

What do I want? This woman gives life to failure and hopes to disingenuous intentions.

I am selfish.

What do I want? For this woman to be free of my kind. Free to learn and fight and destroy. I give myself to her. For the future must be better than I can provide.

To give hope to my children.

Oskar is a musical, fun-loving casual writer of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. Oskar has completed two manuscripts and is working on a third. Oskar was born in Sweden and grew up in Canada. He has two adult children, dogs and cats and lives in Toronto with his partner Michelle.


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