transgender- by Crow

do you see yourself in the mirror
or a different person entirely?
do wide hips and a full chest look good to you on others
but never on yourself?
do you find yourself “accidentally”
walking into the “wrong” bathroom?
do you get strange looks when you name interests
that are seen as “tomboyish?”
do your eyes turn green
when you try to wear rose-tinted glasses?
i mean, are you attracted to your idols
or do you envy the bodies that they have–
bodies that you weren’t born with?
you know what I mean, don’t you?
so why are you still afraid of it–
afraid of change?

Crow is a college student attending William & Mary. Aside from writing, they enjoy making collages and taking photos for their school’s zine publication, LIPS. Crow’s work reflects their queer and Latine background over a variety of genres and mediums, taking inspiration from authors like Rivers Solomon and Neil Gaiman.

2 thoughts on “transgender- by Crow

  1. Every being should be able to be true to themselves without judgment – even from themselves… Thanks for sharing!

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