Defective and Suspect- by Gerry Stefanson aka The Wordbutcher

if I didn’t break it
could I even fix it.
should I even want to
would I even attempt to.

even Steven’s
or not
may remain
fowler nor fairer
even careless
more or less
now senseless
thou shall confess.

possibly Conferral Cluster
in the Sketching Room
with a Thesaurus.
On A Dark And Stormy Knight.

Image by Steve Johnson

Gerry Stefanson aka The Wordbutcher, came to writing later in life and found it the comfortable chair for a wandering mind. He has always been “the different drummer,” hence approaches life with zest, adventure and enthusiasm. Being rather dyslexic to boot, aka The Wordbutcher is a good moniker for him: he sees a little different world. That world has led him to living the last eleven years in Gulf Islands in BC, Canada, which tinkers well with his outlook and lifestyle.

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