THE LAST TIME MY HEART BROKE – By Mr Mbonisi Zikhali Zomkhonto

The last time my heart broke I hatched a new plan

to build a new latch for the door,

so that the stampeding demons of the past,

would not scatter the shards that keep getting sharper

and smaller with each entry.

I used to be able to cup the wreckage in one palm.

Back then one knew that tape or gum would suffice,

So we kept change for lost off-chances,

over-the-counter jinx fixes for the chipped teeth of a heart

That bit more chunk than it could chew.

Over the years, as reruns with no prenups

Took more blood from each bleed,

what little mess one could mop up with the edge of a t-shirt

soon became hurts too brittle for spittle to bring its lips back into harmony

like envelopes that now know sticking to hope is itself vanity.

Now we use high-powered tools for this fool’s land.

where hearts mend through the shock therapy

of refusing love’s invitation altogether.

Photo by Anil Xavier on Unsplash

Mbonisi Zikhali comes from Makokoba, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is a spoken-word artist, story-teller, youth mentor, grassroots community organizer and mental wellness advocate. His spoken word name is Zomkhonto, which happens to be his bloodline’s totem. He is based in Canada. Some of the recent publications he has appeared in include Best New African Poets 2019 Anthology by Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Ipikai Poetry Journal inaugural edition (initiative of the Zimbabwe Poets Society) among others. His other work can be found on the following link:


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